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Elim Integrated outsourcing Mgt Software

Elim Integrated Outsourcing Management System ‘ Transform, Integrate and Scale Businesses Across Employee and  Payroll Outsourcing Functions

Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software

With Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management  Software, you will save time and resources; thanks to fully centralized processes which brings an all-in-one Outsourcing Management system with  a work flow approval system of Requisition Management, Client Contract management, HR and Payroll System, and other Back office modular system.

Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software is complete easy to use and customizable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for small and medium size single Outsourcing Business. It is designed as simple and user-friendly Outsourcing Business ERP software, that all types of users can use easily and with minimum effort. Your complete Outsourcing Business can be easily managed by this single Outsourcing Business ERP software. Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software has almost every feature you are looking for; and the added advantage of this ERP software is its flexibility. It can be customized easily to fit the requirements of your Outsourcing business processes.

Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software requires a proper local area network with database server, operating on server operating system. We recommend this system for Outsourcing Business with over 20 clients with more than 13,000 employees and with a functional back office department. The system allows for high performance and peace of mind that comes naturally with advance hardware and operating environment.

Integrates Processes Across Business Functions

Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software is a business management system that seamlessly integrates all departments and functions across a company into a single software program. Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software vanquishes the old standalone computer systems in finance, payroll, sales, procurement, manufacturing and warehouse, and replaces them with a single unified software program divided into multiple modules that particularly serve the needs of each and every department and improve the flow of information and communication among them. Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software solution is the focus of a continuous effort to bring value and dynamic improvements to the way a company does business. It has been developed under the latest advanced software technologies and has been fully packed with powerful and innovative features that made a significant difference and placed Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software in a class of its own.

Built To Fit Your Specific Needs

Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software packages allow you to customize the system based on the unique needs of your business. Other vendors tend to offer multiple ERP applications (also known as modules), and each application can be implemented (or not) depending on business need.

Each application can stand alone or integrate with a suite of other applications. This is incredibly beneficial because businesses can create an ERP interface tailored to their needs – one that will solve their unique problems – paying only for the features they will be using. We customize Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software to meet your specific needs depending on your industry.

Solutions For Your Employee and Payroll Outsourcing Business. We provide state-of-the art ERP Systems and Enterprise Automation Solutions that offer scalability and flexibility to meet the demand of growing enterprises. Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software is designed and developed, as a custom ERP system for the hotel industry with the following functional modules

  • Workflow Approval  Management,
  • Requisition Management System,
  • Recruitment Tracker System,
  • Claims Resolution System,
  • Client Service Management,
  • Hr Track And Outsourcing Payroll System
  • Procurement Management
  • Clients Billing And Receivable Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Budgeting And Control
  • Corporate Tax Management
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Risk And Control Management
  • Clients Relationship
  • Register And Reports

Accessibility And Connectivity

The system is implemented by us or by your selected vendor as

  • On-Premise Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software is deployed in-house with most access coming through the company’s on-premise local area network (LAN).

So…How Much Does ERP Software Cost?

Estimating the cost Of Elim Integrated Outsourcing (ERP) Management Software requires a complete business assessment. The cost will vary greatly depending on the size of your business, your specific requirements and the scope of use. You will also need to decide. These factors all play a role in calculating the final costs of your software implementation.

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