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Elim Point of Sales Software


Integrated Online& Offline Hybrid POS & Accounting System


(Single Company & Branches Centralized Management Software)

Elim Online POS Software is an all-in-one customizable and Integrated Online& Offline Hybrid POS & Accounting System designed with innovative functionalities to meet the needs of a small and mid size multiple location retail stores. It is multi-location retail software with virtually no limits on location, inventory items, departments, cost centers, and transactions you enter.

Why You Need Elim Online POS Software

  • It is one off payment for software. No annual subscription except for hosting charge
  • Integrated with Microsoft excel for data import and export
  • It connects all your  warehouses, store, locations or branches in a single Database,
  • It can be used  with Internet and when there is not internet with data shifting to Central Server when internet is available
  • Accountants , Managers and Owner can view all transaction entries online as it happens provided there is software instance in your computer
  •  Tract Customer Order , invoices , receipt and ledgers of distributors  and retail customers
  • Unlimited inventory in each warehouse
  •  Transfer  Stock or inventory from the main warehouse to the retails stores online
  • Manages Stock balance of each store online and reconcile with physical balances when needed
  • Manages your Vendors and material receipts
  • Integrated accounting software to manage your expenses, cash, bank and financial reports
  • Manages your Branch profitability and reports

Elim Online Point Of Sales Software

We will Use Elim Online Point of Sales & Accounting Software to automate your Electronic Store, Boutique/apparel store, Supermarkets, warehousing, distribution, retails sales and Accounting processes. It is complete easy to use and customizable software solutions for small and medium business. We provide solution with the following modules where applicable:

  • Unlimited Companies Management
  • Unlimited Computer Users
  • Unlimited Store Management
  • Module Distribution And Users Right Management
  • Inventory and Warehousing Module
  • Purchasing Module
  • Point of Sales Module
  • Financial Accounting Module
  • Modular transaction Registers and Reports

 We guarantee continuity. Because of our structured approach, use of market standards and high up-time guarantees, you're assured of continuity. You can quickly and flawlessly manage your legal matters.

Features of Elim Online Point Of Sales Software

Multiple-Company: If you are operating your business in one name, it is always a challenge to know overall position. You can see the total business done and outstanding amount of any customer / vendor, for all business entities or any specific entity. Profit & Loss statement, Balance sheet or any other statement can be generated without worrying about ledger mismatch and without merging data.

Multi-Branch: For businesses operating from multiple locations, having factory and HO at different locations or chain of retail stores, it is always difficult to collect information at source, synchronize data and get real-time reports. Elim Online Point Of Sales Software is a Online& Offline Hybrid POS & Accounting System which can be simultaneously used from multiple locations and data can be captured, analyzed and reported in real-time. This eliminated the need to merge or synchronize data and helps you take informed decisions with real-time data captured at source.

Accounting: Account Head and group masters, separate registers to record your purchases, sales, receipts, payments, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Expense Register, Contra entries and JV (Journal Entries).

Innovative Online Remote Server-based accounting software which integrates multiple businesses entities that are geographically dispersed. We call this ease of operations as one software enables them to carry out their accounting and business processes smoothly and efficiently without having to buy multiple copies for multiple locations. Our Elim Online Point Of Sales Software helps the business entity to operate from different offices spread across locations, whether in same city, different cities or different countries. Users can view, create, edit, and delete various transactions for specific location(s), with the roles based security feature of Elim Online Point Of Sales Software. A major benefit of multi-location system is that data is captured at source and you can generate reports and get real-time business analytics, without having to synchronize data or merge different reports.

Having integrated multi-location modules has its advantages such as:
  • Users across all locations can be given role-based access to view or update transactions for all or specific locations.
  • Salespeople across all locations can see availability of stocks in real-time and book sales order from their mobile phones. This feature helps them confirm orders based without having to make multiple calls.
  • Branches can raise indents on Head office and other locations, which can be fulfilled with stock-transfers.
  • If there is centralized purchase department, the procurement/purchase head from the main office can monitors stocks lying at various locations, orders in hand and indents received from each location. He can then plan purchases, place purchase orders and transfer stocks from one location to another, based on requirements.The tools drive your business
  1. Fit for Today, Scalable for Tomorrow

From 5 to 500 users, Elim Online Point Of Sales Software grows with you. When you choose Elim Online Point Of Sales Software as your ERP Software, you do not have to worry about outgrowing your software selection, because Elim Online Point Of Sales Software gives you the flexibility you need no matter the stage of growth your business is in today.

  1. ERP functionality for less than you think

Go ahead. Compare our functionality to the big guys. Then compare our prices. At a fraction of the price of traditional business management systems, Elim Online Point Of Sales Software not only gives you modern solutions to your problems, but it provides you with completely personalized solutions to help your business succeed.

3) Elim Online Point Of Sales Software is customized to your needs

Bid farewell to your temporary solutions and laborious workarounds with function-to-function, screen-to-screen customization. You can customize Elim Online Point Of Sales Software System right down to the field, so your employees can get to work. Easily modify fields, forms, and even entire functions, all while managing user permissions and audit trails.

So…How Much Does Elim Online Point Of Sales Software Cost?

Estimating the cost Elim Online Point Of Sales Software requires a complete business assessment. The cost will vary greatly depending on the size of your business, your specific requirements and the scope of use. You will also need to decide if you want an on-premise or Online solution. These factors all play a role in calculating the final costs of your software implementation.